Friday, November 18, 2016

Free Promo: Heart Songs Volume 1: A Collection of: Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction, Poetry & Non-Fiction

So, the print version of Heart Songs Volume I, is now out!!! So, in honor of that, the kindle version is on for free promo November 18-November 19. So, make plans to download and share this great book!


About Heart Songs: Volume 1 A Collection of: Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction, Poetry & Non-Fiction

Grab your favorite blanket, a cup of Joe, and a hearty snack, because once you start reading you won't put down the first ever anthology from the Church of Christ Women Authors Blog. Whether your traipsing through the stars with Captain Regina Griwaldy, on a romantic getaway at the Cliffs of Moher, defeating a warrior clan, looking for some inspirational poetry, or great articles; this anthology has it all. There is no other like it.

Heart Songs features tales of romance and tales of the heart. It is an anthology written for Christian women by Christian women where no genre is off limits. It is a series of timeless hope and endless fun. It is our hope that you enjoy this collective work, and share it with your friends and family.
Heart Songs features some of your favorite authors; including, award winning author Sandi Rog, as well as some of your new favorites like Lynn Nodima, Jenny Harp, and Arwen Chandler. The Church of Christ Women Authors Blog invites you to read deep into the night, and enjoy this anthology!

Featured Authors:

Libby Barnes
Ruth Carter
Renate Braddy
Renee Aleshire Brown
Arwen Chandler
Arianna Elliott
Naomi Elliott
Susan Elliott
Sarah Floyd
Jenny Harp
Anne C. Heart
Lillian Humphries
Naomi Rouse Morey
Lynn Nodima
Sandi Rog
Carol Shaw
Helene Smith
Julie Trujillo

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