Monday, January 18, 2016

For My Husband: Poetry by Susan Elliott

You fell in my arms
"I'll always love you."
The lights flashed,
sirens cried
you were whisked away.

Behind the red doors
you screamed with pain,
sobs escaped my throat
I longed to save you
-- but I couldn't.

With a flat stare
that scrubbed man
told me you'd probably die,
be prepared -- nothing to be done.
He walked away.

I fell to my knees
close to your ear
scolded you, begged you,
"Don't you dare leave me.
I need you."

And you listened.

Today, your limp
is Swan Lake.
Your weakness is strength.
Your crooked smile
 -- a vision
of God's grace,
and I am at peace
because we still walk
side by side.

(c) Susan Elliott

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