Monday, August 22, 2016

Uncertainty: Poetry by Susan Elliott

poetry, religious poetry, poetry by Susan Elliott, church of Christ Women Authors
(c) Clarita


I carried the future with you:


Those first few months I learned who you were,
and you learned the soft thump of my heart.
I remember you running hand to hand
gently touching everything in sight for support.
You were strong and beautiful.

Time pushed forward I learned who you were,
and you learned the grasp of my hand.
I remember you singing and clapping
carefully turning your hands to butterflies.
You were kind and wonderful.

As if in a whirlwind I learned who you were,
and you learned my devotion.
I remember you striving
through year after year
you were a leader and leading.


Yet, the looking glass has darkened; I don’t know who you are,
and somewhere you’ve forgotten who carried you this far.
I see that your lost, confused, alone,
but unwilling to harken
you won't look toward home.

So I sit and I pray, as time rushes by
my heart full of pain, tears concealing my sight.
That someday you’ll turn and look toward me
and know when you’re drowning
you don’t have to be.

The lamp that was lit in your tender heart
is waiting to burn, you carry the spark.
I beg that you listen and look to his light.
The Savior is waiting.
He calms the night.