Saturday, September 24, 2016

Women of Scandal by Cindy Colley

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Crown of Creation series, and have used the first three books in two different ladies classes. I am so excited that there is a third book in the series available. (I just have to add that I love this cover. It is so striking!)

About Women of Scandal:

"Are we living in the worst of times? Take a peek into the shocking lives of women of Old Testament kings. A sampling of the most appalling are atrocious parenting, rape, murder, incest, jealousy, and adultery. Queens, concubines, and maidens in distress illustrate topics such as ''A Pawn in a Death Wish,'' ''Royal but Not Loyal,'' and ''Kids at Risk.'' 13 chapters, including questions to stimulate Bible study and class participation." (Publishing Designs)

Women of Scandal is available from Amazon and Publishing Designs.

If you're new to the series make sure to check out her other books:

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