Thursday, September 29, 2016

Redeemed: Bought Back No Matter the Cost by Kristy Huntsman

Redeemed: Bought Back No Matter The Cost: A Study of Hosea

So many people love the Finer Grounds Series Bible Studies, and I know just as many people love the site Come Fill Your Cup which gave birth to the finer grounds studies. This book, Redeemed: Bought Back No Matter the Cost, is written by Kristy Huntsman and is an awesome study of Hosea. Hosea isn't a book we often dig into, but it is powerful and pertinent for today's Christian. If you're unfamiliar with these books, why not give them a try?

"Redeemed: Bought Back No Matter the Cost (A Study of Hosea) Do you ever feel complacency creeping into your life with Christ? Do you find yourself in worship services simply going through the motions? Join us as we embark on a journey to renew the heartfelt sincerity in our faith. Throughout the book of Hosea you will have front row seats to the greatest love story of all time: that of God and His people. Hosea was a simple man asked to do the unthinkable. God asked him to marry a prostitute so that through his marriage God could demonstrate the heartbreak the Israelite nation was causing Him. We will follow Hosea's tumultuous marriage to Gomer and examine how their relationship mirrors the relationship we share with Christ. We will see God as a loving husband who was willing to send His son to die for us so that we might be Redeemed: Bought Back No Matter The Cost." (Amazon)