Friday, September 30, 2016

A Message from J.K. Rowling for Writers

We can learn lots of things from contemporary authors, if we just listen. Authors who are making an impact on today's literary environment are some of the best people to talk about what it takes to be a writer. I've enjoyed the opportunity, in the last few years, to meet several writers; including, Orson Scott Card, who wrote Ender's Game, and The Seventh Son, Todd McCaffrey, author of some of the Pern books, Christopher Paolini, author of the Inheritance Cycle, Peter David, author of numerous Star Trek books (and so many more), and several other authors.  Each of these authors was more than willing to spend a few minutes discussing their livelihood -- writing. And, I have found more encouragement toward my writing in the few minutes speaking with them than I have at any other time.

While we can't all talk to every author we'd like to, we can watch interviews. Today, I ran across a video from an author who's name is almost a household word, and she has had a lot to say about her success with the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling attributes her success to several things, and I think we can apply these things to our own writing.

This message from J.K. Rowling is both encouraging and  helpful for aspiring writers.  I hope you enjoy it.

Remember you can do it! You can write, and you can publish your book. I believe in you. Now, believe in yourself!