Wednesday, October 5, 2016

DIY Authors You Have to Check out Creative Indie

Today I've been working on revamping one of my short story collection covers for Amazon. I started out by researching the best fonts for the genre I was working on; after all, not all books have the same font. I don't know why this fact had escaped me to this point, but it had. At any rate, I stumbled upon the Creative Indie site, and it is a real jewel!

On this site I found a link to mostly free fonts that are listed by genre. (These links are listed, but you have to Google them to find the ones you're looking for.) The one I used for Odds and Ends is called benegraphic.

Creative Indie has more information than just font styles. Mr. Murphey has lots of PDF tutorials and advice, and much of it is free for authors. Check out DIY Book Covers: here.

Here are a few of the Free Tutorials He Offers:

Best Selling Cover Designs

How to Make a Cover in MS Word

How To Make a Book Cover in Photoshop

From what I could tell, he also offers more tutorials for members. I would suggest reviewing his site, and checking out all the cool stuff he has. I believe his information has really helped me with cover design, and I think it can help you, too. If you have any sites you recommend, please post them in the comments below.