Thursday, October 6, 2016

Crazy and Fun Creative Writing Image Prompts 2

Today, I encourage you to use the following creative writing image prompts as props within your story.  The key is to use the items in a way that they are not designed for, or turn them into a new creation entirely. The story is in your hands. Feel free to share these prompts with your friends or students.


This key holder is too funny! What do you think you can use this little pink woman for? Remember she must be a prop, or a new creation in your piece of creative writing.

Writing Prompt 1

"Lydia leaned against a tall magnolia tree. Its green and brown leaves drifted slowly to the ground, swirling in the crisp autumn air. She..."

Now, using the image within your story, complete the story, or write your own.

I can't get over this Peeps inspired ring. It is way too great. I think I'd even wear one for fun.

Writing Prompt 2

"Ron twisted the cold metallic dial, and the machine whirred and whistled. For a moment it sputtered and spun, but with a final shake and cough it died.  Ron dug in the pockets of his grey corduroys and retrieved a..."

Now, using the image within your story, complete the story, or write your own.

OK, I freely admit these cute socks are on my wishlist. In fact, I almost bought them the other day when I was out shopping. They are just too fun, and I think they'd be great to wear around the house on a cool day.

Writing Prompt 3

"Sarah crossed her legs at the ankles carefully, as she reclined against her down pillow. Tired wasn't even a word for how she felt, but all in all it had been a good day. After all, it wasn't every day that some got to..."

Now, using the image within your story, complete the story, or write your own.

This Mornings Latte: Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Kiss Recipe


I hope you've been writing, reading, editing, or designing! I know I've been busy redesigning book covers, starting a new blog for Arwen Chandler called Sculpting Words From Air, and writing both class material and fantasy. I guess writers are always busy with something.

The last few days I've bought my morning coffee, but this morning, my lovely daughter made us a pot. So, it was time to hand-craft another latte. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Chocolate Raspberry Coconut Kiss Latte Recipe

20-ounces of your favorite coffee
2 Tablespoons chocolate peanut butter powder
2 Tablespoons hot chocolate powder
1 Tablespoon coconut syrup
1 Tablespoon raspberry syrup
Splash of whole milk

Place 2 Tbs of chocolate peanut butter powder and 2 Tbs of the hot chocolate powder into your coffee mug. Add a small amount of coffee and stir until the powder is dissolved. Add the syrups and more coffee. Top off with a splash of milk.

Dangerous Alternative By Kelli Hughett

Kelli has a new romantic suspense out! She just let me know via the Church of Christ Women Authors Facebook Group, and what's more it's only .99 for a limited time. So, if you have the chance, don't miss getting her newest book while it's still on sale.

About Dangerous Alternative:

"Summer in Southern California doesn’t get any hotter than this.

When Levi Boulter agrees to work for the FBI behind the scenes in Hollywood, he never plans on becoming an operative—or on keeping a deadly secret from the love of his life.

On the night he plans to propose to his girlfriend, Mahari Gillaspie, he’s attacked by a killer and thrown into fully operational status. Despite his lack of training, his job is to thwart a plan to assassinate the President’s wife, putting everyone he knows, including Mahari, in danger. He’s determined to keep the woman he loves safe, even if it means losing her forever." To read more click: here.