Friday, November 11, 2016

Mistletoe and Folly by Kelli Hughett and Monica Mynk

I am excited to announce this new holiday romance book from two amazing authors, Kelli Hughett and Monica Mynk. A Second Chance Holiday Set is the latest in Christian fiction, and a collaborative project written by these two authors. It's here just in time for Christmas. Plus, there's a bonus. When you purchase this book you are helping children in India. All royalties from the sale will go to the Putrela Children's home in India. So, spread the word, and let's start reading!

Susan Elliott

Upon a Clear Midnight by Monica Mynk

Jeannie Nelson and Trevor Harris are going through life in a fog. She lost her dad in a terrible accident; he lost his mom to cancer. She's working a meaningless job and living with a guy in a dead-end relationship; he was just fired from his preaching job after his wife left him following her very public affair.

Their worlds collide when her mom and his dad, both too physically and emotionally impaired to manage on their own, buy next-door homes that are part of a revival project in a forgotten Lafollette neighborhood.

When Jeannie and Trevor come to Lafollette for an extended visit to help each of their parents settle in their new homes, they find an unexpected path to renewal, friendship, and dare they hope—love? 

Mistletoe and Folly by Kelli Hughett

Can love redeem the folly of the past? 
Five years ago, Bryce Camden carved out a chunk of her still-beating heart. And he’s got the gall to walk into her theater? Julie’s Christmas wish this year: make Bryce—and all those painful memories—disappear.

After retiring from Major League Baseball, Bryce lands a coaching job at a school in Longmont, Colorado. Enter Julie Jordan and old feelings he can’t ignore. Had he ever stopped loving her?

When the theater is vandalized, Julie’s dreams of directing the Christmas musical come crashing down, along with her hopes to raise enough money to keep the school open. When deeper malice is discovered behind the vandalism, they’ll each face a decision that could change the course of their lives. A Christmas story about the miracle of love in the face of past mistakes.