Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Deals From Church of Christ Women Authors

Christian Christmas Romance, Christmas booksWhile you're out shopping this holiday season, don't forget to stop by Amazon, and get a few books from some of your favorite authors. Help share their wonderful works and support these Christian women.

Several of the books listed below are drastically reduced for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Other books are just great reads that would make great Christmas gifts.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials

Best Deals in Ebooks:

These books have been dramatically reduced for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure to get a copy for yourself and a family member!

Marine science fiction, science fiction books, space operaArwen Chandler:

Odds & Ends: A Collection of Short Fiction

The Louvre Still Stands: A Tale from the Outer World Chronicles

Blue Springs, Kansas: A Romantic Suspense

poetry books, the poetry of life, poetry for women Susan Elliott:

Wandering Through a Barely Functional Mind: A Poetry Journey Through Life

Ink Blots on Paper: Poetry For Everyday Life

A Breaking Dawn with an Orange Sunrise: Powerful Poetry

Every Flaw Every Perfection: The Poetry of Life

Christian Fiction, Christian romance, Christian books

Must Reads for Christmas!

1. Dangerous Alternative by Kelli Hughett:

Christian thriller books, Christian SuspenseSummer in Southern California doesn’t get any hotter than this.

When Levi Boulter agrees to work for the FBI behind the scenes in Hollywood, he never plans on becoming an operative—or on keeping a deadly secret from the love of his life.

On the night he plans to propose to his girlfriend, Mahari Gillaspie, he’s attacked by a killer and thrown into fully operational status. Despite his lack of training, his job is to thwart a plan to assassinate the President’s wife, putting everyone he knows, including Mahari, in danger. He’s determined to keep the woman he loves safe, even if it means losing her forever.

When Mahari steps off the cruise ship she’s worked for months, she dreams of a future with Levi and an acupuncture practice of her own. Mahari’s faith in Levi is shattered when she stumbles upon Levi and a beautiful actress. Their relationship lays in ashes, but she feels called by God to silence her broken heart in order to treat Levi’s injuries after he’s injured in an explosion, but he slams the door on her efforts. Later, she’s plunged into the heart of the trouble when she finds Levi’s landlord murdered.

Will Levi’s secret divide them forever, or will they come together in time to stop an assassination?

Christian historical romance, Christian fiction

2. Out of The Ashes by Sandi Rog:

A stranger. A kiss. A shotgun wedding.

NATHANIEL WARD, wealthy entrepreneur, needs a wife. But he’s not interested in the preening, high-society women who are offered to him on a silver platter. He wants one woman, and one woman alone: the girl who gave him all the money in her reticule years ago when the Great Chicago Fire left him destitute. He sets out to find this woman and discovers she’s unattached. There’s only one problem, a shotgun wedding may be able to bind them, but will he ever be able to win her heart?

AMELIA E. TAYLOR blows a kiss to a street rat. Little did she know, years later that kiss would follow her to Green Pines Colorado. When a handsome stranger arrives in her hometown, she guards her heart from the stirrings this man ignites. Despite society’s disapproval of spinsterhood, she is determined not to marry, having witnessed first-hand the lack of love and horrors that accompany marriage. But will a shotgun wedding reveal blessings that arise out of the ashes?

3. Pandora's Deed (Goddess to Daughter Book 1) by Monica Mynk

Christian fiction, Christian booksYears ago in rural Dreyfus, Kentucky, seven fourth grade girls studied mythology at a small Christian school. Three bore names of goddesses, and the others took on goddess nicknames. Pretending divinity made them feel powerful until their teacher explained they could only attain true power through Christ. They promised to always be friends, following Jesus together. Then, life happened. They went their separate ways and fell deep into sin. The Goddess to Daughter Series explores their stories of redemption and love.

Meet Pandora, a.k.a. Savannah Barrett, a twenty-something college grad who can’t seem to land a good job or a good man. She fled her Dreyfus home to escape childhood bullies, and planned to stay away for good. Body image struggles have led her to a life of empty relationships. After yielding so many times to temptation, she believes no one could desire her for more.

Geoff Spencer, her former tormentor, is the man who could love her anyway. He cleaned up his life, stopped the bullying, and found Christ. When she inherits his farm, she returns to Dreyfus to claim the property and face her dreadful past. She never expects to claim his heart as well.

The property transfer unearths a mystery that some would prefer to stay buried—a tragedy that intertwines their families and plants Savannah in the way of a psychopath who’d rather dispose of her than expose the past. Can Geoff convince her that he’s changed, and she’s not only worthy of his love, but God’s love, too? And can they find answers from their past before it’s too late for her soul?

science fiction books, marine science fiction4. The Viper Pit by Lynn Nodima:

When Captain Regina Griwaldy of the Emperial Star Service learns her ships Engineer, Dresnick, is arrested on Viperia for speaking to a female of high rank without permission, Regina must find a way to save her engineer. Hopefully, the Emperor will be willing to allow her to do whatever it takes to rescue Dresnick.

5. The Collision of Fire and Ice: The Fire and Ice Saga book One by Arwen Chandler

fantasy books, dragon books, fantasy romanceSeparated by gods of Fire and Ice, clans bound by tradition live on the brink of war. From the shadows, evil arises creating a true clash of clans through-out Arcadia. With no real claim to the throne, Fridtjof declares himself High King of Arcadia. Together with his sorcerer Magnus, and under the banner of fire, they bring a scourge across the land, leaving a path of bloody destruction in their wake. An epic battle between good and evil, fire and ice, threatens to both destroy and unite the land of Arcadia.

From the scattered ashes of devastation, Karn, a reluctant champion, arises from the high mountain region of Bardai. He is destined to wield the blue flame of the goddess in an unbelievable fight of sword and sorcery.

Can Karn and his Brehon war band defeat a power as old as the gods themselves?

Can he unite the clans into one Kingdom where men and sorcerers stand together in a single cause. Will he defeat those who threaten to destroy the very stability of Arcadia, and can Karn usher in the age of dragon riders?

Can he learn to harness the power of the goddess, and let go of the life and love he left behind?

The Collision of Fire and Ice is a tale of romance, sword and sorcery. It merges the wonderful world of fantasy with romance, and blends some of the most fascinating aspects of the Celts, Druids, and Vikings into a new culture all its own. Part Viking romance, part clash of clans, all sword and sorcery. The Collision of Fire and Ice creates a world where only the strongest survive. Do you dare enter?

6. He Who Finds Mercy by Katy Huth Jones

ya fantasy, ya dragon booksFrom Book 1: As second son of the King of Levathia, seventeen-year-old Valerian desires the quiet life of a scholarly monk. But when he fails to save his older brother in battle, Valerian must instead become crown prince.

While a traitorous knight schemes against him, Valerian meets Mercy, a pacifist Healer with whom he can speak mind-to-mind like the great dragons. Their bond emboldens Valerian to seek out the legendary dragons and ask for their help against the monsters who killed his brother.

Can Valerian survive the traitor's assassins long enough to find the dragons? And if he does, can he convince them to lay aside their hatred of humans and help him save the land from destruction?

7. SCARS: If you love to travel in your mind to other places, other times, learn amazing things and imagine a better world...this is your book. by Renate Braddy
Christian fiction, Christian historical fiction

New York reporter Samuel Cuffee is used to a life of news articles and deadlines, but when he tells his boss about his own family story, his need for information becomes much more personal. Setting out on a journey for answers regarding his past and his father who has been murdered, he ends up at the farm run by his uncle, Charlie Cuffee.

An old haunt of his during the summer months of his childhood, it has been years since he last visited his uncle and aunt, and this visit proves to be the most thought-provoking of all. In order to learn about the life of his father – anti-Slavery campaigner Andrew Cuffee – Sam must hear the stories regarding the rest of his family, including Charlie and Andy’s adoptive father, half-African and half-American Indian, Dr. David Cuffee.

Could his uncle have information that will stop the anger which is threatening to consume Sam? And in a place where he used to retreat as a child, will he be able to find the peace that has eluded him for so long?

A story of one man’s quest to get to the truth, Scars will take you on an emotional journey back to 1840s America where life was at the same time much simpler and much more complicated. With the world changing around him, will Sam get the answers he is so desperately searching for? And once he has his answers, will he finally be able to accept the truth?

8. Finding Joy by Sarah Floyd

Christian fiction, Christian booksJoy Carnegie's parents know she's lost her mind. Her ex-boyfriend knows she'll fail. Joy wonders if they're right, but her search for a better life leads her to do it all anyway - to quit her job, sell her possessions, dye her hair, and move to the mountains of Vermont just in time for winter. With the help of long-lost family, new friendships, and a growing faith, she finds much more than she ever expected.