Tuesday, April 11, 2017

WARNING: New Short Read from Arwen Chandler, Demon Night: The Chronicles of Demetri Risk

This may not be your genre, but here it is. If you like action adventure and dark fantasy this book is for you. And, it's a clean read, so you can read without the guilt!

This is the first "episode" in a serial called The Chronicles of Demetri Risk, so it's a short read, but well-worth your time.

About Demon Night: The Chronicles of Demetri Risk

The night walker shrieked, and slashed at him with clawed fingers. The claws ripped his flesh, burning as if the fires of hell themselves had etched the four-inch gashes across his skin.

Demon hunter and magician, Demetri Risk, lives a life on the edge, and the Order of the Craft has noticed.

On the most dangerous night of the year, Demetri is summoned to the manor house of Brosnan Cage. Unwittingly, Demetri enters into a dangerous hunt that leads the Order to the brink of extinction. Will the Order survive in the light of the blood moon?

Editorial Review:

This story opens fast and never lets you catch your breath. I can't wait until the next episode!
--Lynn Nodima

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