Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hot New Release: Beneath the Metreskan Sands by Arwen Chandler

Beneath the Metreskan Sands is the latest in the continuing adventures of Gwyn and Adrik, and the third in the series The Outer World Chronicles. This is my favorite sereis, to date. I hope you enjoy it!

About Beneath the Metreskan Sands

Babylonia Steele has spent her life digging in the dirt looking for artifacts, but no dig has ever been as important as the one on Mirada. Her findings could shake the very foundation of the planet’s government. A tip from a traitor in her inner circle has alerted the Militarian authority, and it seeks to stop her at all costs. Fortunately for her, her closest friend just happens to be Gwyn Casteliano, the best smuggler, and pilot in the quadrant. In a life and death chase, she will risk all to protect her findings. Will the government destroy her? Will she lose everything Beneath the Metreskan Sands?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Revitalize by Chelli Lee Guthrie

Chelli Lee Guthrie has published her first book with Kaio Publications. This book is a timely study for homeschool moms. Any of us who've homeschooled knows that homeschooling means constant stress, and abundant joy. Any book that will help us on our Christian walk while homeschooling is a true blessing!

About Revitalize:

"While the Bible does not mention homeschooling, there are Christian principles within its pages that address all of the struggles and doubts that homeschool parents encounter all year long as they educate their children.

As you read through this devotional book, you will read scripture to uncover truths to help you become confident in what God wants your homeschool to look like and help heal any areas that are in need of repair. Each week you will also be issued a challenge to help you institute these changes and assist you in focusing on yourself or your children. If your homeschool needs a breath of fresh air and a renewed fo- cus, this is the book to help you do it.

“Revitalize is fantastic! I can honestly say this is now my favorite homeschool book, and if anyone were to ask me to suggest a book for a homeschool mom, new or veteran, to read, it would definitely be this one! It is loaded with love, wisdom, and encouragement. Be ready to be motivated and excited!”

—Laura Warnes, veteran homeschool mom of eight

“I’m reading your book from the perspective of a mother who just graduated her last child. The same thought keeps reoccurring in my mind, “I sure wish I had this when I was homeschooling!” Extremely practical, comprehensive, and all shared in a way that cuts to the heart of the matter. Revitalize is a must have for all moms who desire to succeed in this worthy endeavor. What a blessing!

—Kathy Pollard, veteran homeschool mom of three and Dean of Women at Bear Valley Bible Institute "