Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Act Now! Free for a limited time: The Collision of Fire and Ice by Arwen Chandler

The Collision of Fire and Ice is currently free for download until August 16, 2017. It is an adventure story in the style of Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, but a story all its own. Of course, it's a clean read, so you don't have to hide your face or avert your eyes! You might say it's guilt free.

About The Collision of Fire and Ice

"Karn Elohite faces a future he could never have imagined. Destined for greatness, by the hand of the goddess, he must learn to wield the blue flame that burns inside him -- a power that both gives life and destroys. Like a plague, the Maekel clan sweeps across the land, burning and plundering villages in their wake. Karn must unite forces with the most unlikely allies imaginable, the offspring of his mother's killer, and royal descendants of the Maekel clan. Together with his Warband, his new found allies, and the help of the goddess, he must learn to control the gifts the goddess has given, and resume the age of the dragon riders. Will Karn defeat the only man in Arcadia who carries a magic as powerful as his own? Can anyone survive the Maekel's bloodthirsty regime?"

Want to read an excerpt and see if this book is for you? Check it out on Sculpting Words from Air!  Click: Here.

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