SAM Program (Sisterhood Area Meet-Up)

The SAM program was the brain child of Michelle Nikkel and Susan Elliott. In 2015 I spoke at Turn, Turn, Turn at the West Side Church of Christ in Salem, Virginia. My topics included: The Need for Companionship, Choosing Companions, and Cultivating Friendships.

It became evident that there are many lonely women in the church. Somehow many of us have lost the ability to reach out and make friends. Friendship is vital for our health and friends can help us as we walk the path to our Heavenly home.

After the lessons at Turn, Turn, Turn, Michelle approached me about starting a program where the ladies from surrounding congregations could get together, meet up and become friends. I thought it was a great idea, and from that the SAM program was born.

Today SAM has spread to the South Texas area and it is my dream that it spreads nationwide. It is a wonderful event where sisters get together, fellowship and have fun.  It is up to each individual group to make plans for activities and establish meeting times.

Sample Events Have Included:

Paint Nights
Dinner Outings
Pottery Making

The Church of Christ Women Authors Blog is hoping to reach out to these SAM groups and include these wonderful women into our Book of the Month Club. It seems like a natural extension of two great groups of women. I hope you will check out the SAM program and start one in your area, and don't forget to include the Church of Christ Women Authors Book of the Month Club!